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The Quercecchio Winery in Montalcino.

The Quercecchio Winery is one of the area’s historical Brunello di Montalcino cantinas and is well worth a visit to enjoy not just its panoramic location, but its wines as well.

The Quercecchio estate has a long history and documents mentioning it as a “convent with fields” belonging to the Monte Oliveto Maggiore monastery date to the late 14th and the late 17th century.  

The estate spreads over 150 hectares of woodlands, fields for pasture, crops, olive groves and vineyards.
The Sangiovese varietal, which is the grape used to make Brunello di Montalcino DOCGRosso di Montalcino DOC and Vino IGT Rosso Toscano,  is grown and cultivated here with great passion.
We have fine Grappa di Brunello distilled from grape pomace which guarantees a pleasant smoothness and a fresh and fruity bouquet.

From the olive groves on the estate, some with centuries-old trees, we also make an excellent quality extra-virgin olive oil that is light in flavour, free of acids, slightly bitter to the taste and boasts a nice intense green colour.

The main ingredients: territory and passion

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